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Mirko Noordegraaf 002bWelcome message from prof. Mirko Noordegraaf, professor of Public management, deputy head of the Utrecht School of Governance, Utrecht University, Chair of EGPA’s 2016 Local organizing committee

Dear colleagues,

In August 2016, Utrecht University will host the EGPA 2016 conference. Two strong departments, the Utrecht School of Governance (USG) and the department of Law (LAW), of the faculty of Law, Economics and Governance (LEG), work together to establish a special and successful 2016 conference. We will host a conference with high-quality academic exchanges in and around study group sessions, thought-provoking exchanges with innovative academics and practitioners, meaningful exchanges with public sector practices, and fruitful social exchanges during receptions, lunches and dinners.

By organizing EGPA 2016 we symbolize our ambition to act as a relevant and robust academic ‘hub’ as far as public administration, public management, governance, and law are concerned. Close to the Dutch hub Schiphol airport, we would like to make connections – connections between researchers and research themes, between research and practice, between regions and countries, between generations.

Furthermore, by organizing EGPA we would like to stimulate research and advance administrative knowledge. In Utrecht we stress core themes such as accountability, professionalism, public value, leadership, innovation, public service motivation, and civil society. During EGPA 2016, we would like to offer multiple spaces for improving our understanding of these and other themes. We do this by facilitating the core of EGPA, i.e. the permanent study groups. In addition, we facilitate dynamic plenary sessions, attractive keynotes and TEDx-like talks – so-called EGPA Edge Talks –, as well as practice panels.

By organizing this major event we renew our longstanding links with the EGPA community. Many of our colleagues are active in EGPA’s permanent study groups, as regular participants as well as study group directors. By organizing EGPA we express our commitment and loyalty. We are happy to welcome you, as members of the EGPA community.

We are very pleased to host EGPA 2016, and we hope to see you in our great city, in the heart of the Netherlands!

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