Water Damage Clean Up – How to Complete the Restoration Process the Same Day?

After a flood or other call us now weather, you will need to address the water damage left behind in your house. First of all, you should contact a water damage professional to help you with your problem. They will do the heavy cleaning work needed to completely dry out your house and make it as livable as possible. We will then remove water Damaged items from your house and dry the affected area totally, such as furniture and carpets.


Once we have restored the water damage completely, we will treat the room to ensure that mold does not grow there again. In most cases, the restoration services company will recommend that you call in another day, as some water damage clean up is actually more than can be done within a twenty-four hour time period. We can then begin the dehumidification process which involves cleaning of all the walls and floors. It is quite tedious and tiring but it is very important. This will ensure that you dry the room completely and disinfect it from any traces of germs and bacteria which may have remained after the flood.


If you want to speed up the drying process, just let the water drain into the drainage system while the dehumidifier works on the air movers. You should call the restoration company the same day you have called them. Dehumidifiers and air movers can do the heavy work for you within a day!

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